Friday, 29 February 2008

The Queen of the Gypsies - Табор уходит в небо (1976)

Табор уходит в небо (1976)

Director: Emil Loteanu
Writers: Maxim Gorky (stories), Emil Loteanu
Stars: Grigore Grigoriu, Svetlana Toma, Barasbi Mulaye

Табор уходит в небо (1976)

The most attended movie in the Soviet Union in 1976 with 64.9 million tickets sold.

A Goddess, the summit of beauty and love. Rada was her name (Svetlana Toma)... Freedom and crime, love and death... All of these things are in the impressive drama made in 1976 after Maksim Gorky stories. The action takes place in a region near the border of the Russian and Austro-Hungarian Empires, right where Dracula and Sacher-Masoch came from. The film tells a story of a beautiful Gypsy Rada, who appears to have magic powers, a bold horse-stealer Loyko Zobar and their fatal love. There is transgression, tantra, pagan cults, dionysism, dark magic. This story can be named as well a Russian Carmen. Brilliant performance of Emil Lotjanu / Loteanu (director), Eugene Doga (music), Serguey Vronsky (photography), Svetlana Toma (awarded as the best Soviet actress of the year for the part of Rada), Grigore Grigoriu(Zobar), Borislav Brondukov (Buca) and others.