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Sergei Yutkevich - Biography

Yutkevich was born at the beginning of twentieth century, being a teenager he had gone through bloody events of revolution and civil war, was carried away by the changes that took place around him: collapse of the world to which his parents were accustomed and formation of a new world, not quite clear yet, but even more attractive because of that. He became a true revolutionary, but instead of painful breaking of social order he preferred a much more noble and gratifying way - searching for new forms in art.

In 1921-1923 Sergei Yutkevich studied at theatre decoration faculty of the Higher Art Workshop (VHUTEMAS as contemporaries named it as there was a tendency for loud abbreviations), and at the same time attended lessons at the State Higher Film Directors Workshop where Vsevolod Meyerhold taught at that time. The following way of Yutkevich in art was predetermined by this choice - he was to become film director-pioneer and art director, who tried to combine outward expressiveness typical of theatre performances of that time with profound content, to help the actors keep the acquired skills of complete command of their body and to add the skill to look natural on the screen, to give to each shot graphic accuracy and completeness.

Sergei Yutkevich began working as an artist at theatre workshop of N.Fogerer ("Mastfor") where he happened to work side by side with Sergei Eizenshtein. Sergei Yutkevich took part in performances of propaganda theatre groups "Dark Blue Blouse" not only as an artist, but also as director, and in 1922 Yutkevich together with G.Kozintsev, L.Trauberg and G.Kryzhitsky founded the Factory of Eccentric Actor, its manifest carried the name "Eccentrism". ... more

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