Monday, 2 May 2011

Karen Shakhnazarov: Poisons or the World History of Poisoning -Яды, или Всемирная история отравлений (2001)

Director:Karen Shakhnazarov
Writers:Aleksandr Borodyanskiy, Karen Shakhnazarov
Stars: Oleg Basilashvili, Ignat Akrachkov, Aleksandr Bashirov

As in Full Moon, the filmmakers have once again combined anecdotal incidents with a journey to another time dimension in order to ironically treat the most famous cases of poisoning. The mundane story of an actor named Oleg, whose neighbour Arnold has lured his wife Katya away, becomes phantasmagoric after Oleg unexpectedly meets a pensioner named Prokhorov. The elegant old man begins to hint at ways the jealous husband can poison the adulteress. Prokhorov’s theoretical lessons, which include practical instruction, are livened up with cases drawn from ancient Persia and Greece. After committing a sophisticated murder Oleg, too, will be able to gain immortality and walk among them. But in reality Oleg finds happiness alongside Arnold’s ex-wife Zoya. Later, as an actor, he has success portraying Cesare Borgia whose fate Prokhorov had described to him. Prokhorov decides to become a Ukrainian citizen and moves to the Crimea to spend his last years. ...

"I made a film as I had envisioned it, I can't explain it with words." - says the film director Karen Shakhnazarov. --" It is a comedy. The older I become, the more I believe that comedy is the most difficult genre. To make people laugh without making it silly is quite hard". Director Karen Shakhnazarov.

Karen Shakhnazarov, director, screenwriter here.

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