Thursday, 1 September 2011

Vladimir Rogovoy: Officers - Офицеры (1971)

Director: Vladimir Rogovoy
Writers: Kirill Rapoport, Boris Vasilyev
Stars: Georgi Yumatov, Alina Pokrovskaya,Vasili Lanovoy


 One of the most popular and favourite films in Russia. The film follows at length the lives of two friends – Alexei Trofimov and Ivan Varrava. In the 1920s they served together at a frontier outpost, fighting with the basmachs. It was there that the young men first heard, and remembered for the rest of their lives, their commander’s behest: “There is such a profession – defending one’s Motherland”. Then followed Spain, the Great Patriotic War, and peaceful time. The old friends reunite when they are already in the rank of generals.Awards: Box-office leader (1971, 1st place) – 53.4 million viewers Vassily Lanovoy – Best Actor of 1971 as voted by the readers of the “Soviet Screen” magazine ...

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