Sunday, 12 October 2008

Oleg Pogodin: Man of East aka Invincible - Непобедимый (2008)

Invincible (2008)

Director: Oleg Pogodin
Writer: Oleg Pogodin
Stars: Vladimir Epifantsev, Sergei Astakhov, Harry Borg

Invincible (2008)

Yegor Kremnyov is a Russian special intelligence agent. During his last mission, which was supposed to be simple and safe, all of his accomplices were killed. But the guy that they were to have captured turned out to be the secretary of the fugitive oligarch Sorkin – Mikhail Shering, who has been on the wanted list for a long time. According to rumors, Shering has secret papers that are of interest not only to Russian intelligence, but also to the powerful West crime syndicate. Now Kremnyov is faced with the difficult task of bringing Shering home. He is surrounded by treachery, conspiracy, ambushes and traps, but nevertheless Yegor plans to deliver Shering on his own. But Kremnyovrcos main trap is the very cargo he is to deliver – Shering. It is not so easy for Kremnyov to avoid the influence of his fellow traveler. This deathly dangerous journey will change them both – both the fugitive Shering and the invincible Kremnyov.

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krystyna said...

film afigennuu, pryamkak Amerikanskiu, no tolko nash! O4en ponravilsya!