Thursday, 13 October 2011

Sergei Popov: Cold Sun -Холодное солнце (2008)

Director: Sergei Popov
Writers: Aleksandr Mitta, Yuliya Izranova
Stars: Tatyana Yakovenko, Taras Bibich, Sergey Garmash

Elena Kelchevskaya, a children's doctor, is about to go to Austria with her husband. During the jour-ney to the airport the couple witness a terrible accident. Before the arrival of the ambulance Elena and a young man she does not know, Klim, are the only people who сап help the critically injured passenger. Once at the airport she receives a call that her mother is dying. Torn between duty and desire, Elena chooses duty and sends her husband to Austria on his own. Having buried her mother, Elena remains in Moscow, still married, rarely reading her husband's letters from Austria and not answering them. Klim's appearance revives in her a strong feeling of mad and passionate love. She is much older than he, and he is a professional thief and womanizer — yet попе of those things stop her. She is ready to suffer just to be with him. ...

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