Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Edmond Keosayan: The Elusive Avengers - Неуловимые мстители (1966)

Director: Edmond Keosayan Writers: Pavel Blyakhin (story), Edmond Keosayan,
Stars: Viktor Kosykh, Mikhail Metyolkin, Vasili Vasilyev

 Based on the novel Red Little Devils by Pavel Blyakhin


 The film' is a comedy version of a story about four youngsters who become heroes in the Russian Civil War. Danka, orphaned son of a Red agent, whose father was tortured and executed by the warlord Lyuty before his eyes, and his sister Ksanka join Valerka, a former schoolboy, and Yashka, a devil-may-care gypsy. They make a pledge of mutual assistance, determined to exact revenge on the bandits who are bringing so much suffering to peaceful villagers. The friends then embark on a series of daring adventures. Meanwhile, strange things begin to happen to a band of outlaws led by the ruthless bandit Ataman Burnash. All his schemes seem to go wrong, sabotaged by unseen and unidentified enemies. The mischievous culprits always leave a note signed '- the Elusive Avengers', and are of course the four friends, who succeed by never forgetting their pledge of mutual assistance. They are so effective, in fact, that reports of their deeds are reaching the local division of the Red Army. ...

Full movie with English subtitles you can watch here.

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