Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Alexander Dovzhenko: Earth - Земля (1930)

Directed by Alexander Dovzhenko.
Starring Stepan Shkurat, Semyon Svashenko, Yuliya Solntseva.

"Writing Screenplays About the Earth"
by Aleksandr Dovzhenko(1953)
The last silent film in the history of Soviet cinema was Aleksandr Dovzhenko's 1930 classic Earth. It tells of peasants uniting in a collective to purchase a tractor and fighting off an evil kulak's attempt to sabotage the plan. Over twenty years later, in 1953, Dovzhenko was still attracted by the theme of the earth and the men and women who till the soil and feed the nation. In this address to the Secretariate of the Soviet Writers Union, Dovzhenko tells of his plans for a new triolgy on the development of the collective farms as well as the debt owed by writers to the kolkhoz workers.
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