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Rolan Bykov - Biography

Car, Violin and Blot the Dog
"For the first time I took the stage at the age of 4 – Rolan Bykov said – and never left it since then”. He played everywhere – in films, on stage, and in business. He played over a hundred roles, for which, though belatedly, he was given the title of the People’s Artist.
He directed a number of splendid films: Aybolit-66 (Oh How It Hurts 66) (1966), Sem nyanek (Seven Nursemaids) (1962), Vnimanie, cherepakha! (Attention, Turtle!) (1970), Avtomobil, skripka i sobaka Klyaksa (Car, Violin and Blot the Dog) (1974), and Chuchelo (The Scarecrow) (1983).
Rolan (Rowland) Antonovich Bykov was born on November 12, 1929 in Kiev (Ukraine). The son of a Red Army commander and a beauty from an intelligent family, he inherited rebellious blood from his father and the love of art from his mother.
In 1951 he graduated from the actors’ faculty of M. Shchepkin Theatre College and became an actor and stage director of Moscow Theatre for Young Spectators. Afterwards he moved to Leningrad Theatre of Leninsky Komsomol and then to the students’ theatre of Moscow State University.
Rolan Bykov debuted in cinema in 1954 with the film Shkola muzhestva (School of Courage). Since the early 1960s he indulged more and more into cinema: in 1960 he became an actor and film director of Mosfilm Studio and by the 1970s he was among the most favourite actors of the Soviet public.
Actually, there were not so many films starring Bykov, yet every his appearance on screen imparted some amazing charms and expressiveness to the film. Even his supporting roles became etched in the memory of viewers sometimes even better than the film itself. Rolan Bykov knew that he was a great actor, but did not like others to speak (especially with pathos) about his greatness.
"Twenty years ago I directed a mischievous and quite original for that time feature Aybolit-66 (Oh How It Hurts 66) (1966). My concept, “a fancy on the theme of a global philistine” and “inferiority complex of a ridiculous worthless creature in front of a great personality” found natural embodiment in the comical conflict”, Rolan Bykov, who played Barmalei, the main villain in the children’s film, says. ...

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