Thursday, 21 April 2011

Aleksandr Rogozhkin: Transit - Перегон (2006)

Transit, Russia, 2006
Color, 127 minutes
Director: Aleksandr Rogozhkin
Scriptwriter: Aleksandr Rogozhkin
Cinematography: Andrei Zhegalov
Art Director: Vladimir Diatlenko
Music: Dmitrii Pavlov
Cast: Daniil Strakhov, Aleksei Serebriakov, Anastasiia Nemoliaeva, Kirill Ul'ianov, Sarah Bulley, Catherine Innocente, Aleksei Petrov, Andrei Shibarshin, Ivan Prill', Artem Volobuev, Iurii Intskov, Oleg Malkin, Iurii Orlov
Producer: Sergei Sel'ianov
Production: STW Film Company, with support from the federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography

"Transit is the latest film of the prolific Russian film director Aleksandr Rogozhkin, whose individual cinematic style has been widely appreciated, nationally and internationally. He has directed over fifteen television series and films, among them the award-winning The Cuckoo (Kukushka, 2002), which is often listed as one of the best post-Soviet films (see the review by Daniel H. Wild in KinoKultura). His war parable The Checkpoint (Blokpost, 1998) also brought an award and critical acclaim. His prize-winning and extremely popular comedy The Peculiarities of National Hunting (Osobennosti natsional'noi okhoty, 1995) and the follow-up The Peculiarities of National Fishing (Osobennosti natsional'noi rybalki, 1998) became the first two films in a humorous sequence about the specificity of national lifestyle and character. Many phrases from this sequence have already become part of post-Soviet folklore. His latest film, Transit, had its premiere at the Kinotavr Open Russian Film Festival in 2006 and was subsequently presented at the Karlovy Vary film festival."

Reviewed by Natalia Rulyova © 2007 in KinoKultura

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