Saturday, 1 May 2010

Aleksei Uchitel', Dreaming of Space - Космос как предчувствие (2005)

Color, 90 minutes
Director: Aleksei Uchitel'
Screenplay: Aleksandr Mindadze
Cinematography: Iurii Klimenko
Cast: Evgenii Mironov, Irina Pegova, Evgenii Tsyganov, Elena Liadova
Producer: Aleksei Uchitel'
Production: Rock Film Studio

2005. - Award "Nika" for Best Actor (Yevgeny Mironov).

2005. - Award "Nika" for best cinematography (Yuri Klimenko).

2005. - Prize "Golden Eagle" for Best Director (Alexey Uchitel).

2005. - Prize "Golden Eagle" for Best Screenplay (Alexander Mindadze).

2005. - Prize "Golden Ram for Best Actor (Yevgeny Mironov).

2005. - Prize "Golden Aries" for Best Screenplay (Alexander Mindadze).

2005. - Grand Prize "Golden George" for best film at MIFF (Alexey Uchitel).

2005. - Prize "Bronze Horseman" for Best Director at the Competition Professional Awards Lenfilm Studio (Alexey Uchitel).

Aleksei Uchitel'’s Dreaming of Space, which won the prize for Best Film―the Golden St. George―at the Moscow International Film Festival in 2005, provides yet another recreation of the Soviet past. But thanks in no small measure to Aleksandr Mindadze’s script, this film is no exercise in nostalgia nor does it present a conventional expose of the evils of the Stalin era. Though there are some somewhat understated instances of repression in it, the critique is conducted at a more philosophical level, one hinted at in the title, which in a more literal (and better) translation would be “Space As Presentiment.”
Review by Katerina Clark, Yale University in KinoKultura

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