Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Ivan Pyriev: Idiot - Идиот - Настасья Филипповна (1958)

Directed by Ivan Pyryev.
Starring Yuriy Yakovlev, Yuliya Borisova, Nikita Podgornyj.

Screen version of the novel of the same name by F. Dostoevsky. The film is based on the first part of the novel «Nastasia Philippovna».


The film plot is as follows: prince Myshkin having come back to Russia from Switzerland gets acquainted with Nastasia Philippovna, a most beautiful woman and love-mate of landlord Totsky. Totsky is going to get married to another woman and offers Nastasia Philippovna a compensation of 75000 rubles and marriage to official Ivolgin. Rogozhin, a merchant, is ready to give 100,000 rubles for her. Prince Myshkin wants to save the beautiful woman from the evil circle of sale and purchase and proposes to her. But Nastasia Philippovna considering herself fallen and dishonoured throws money into the fireplace and leaves with millionaire Rogozhin who loves her.

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