Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Sergei Solovyev: Anna Karenina - Анна Каренина (2008)

Sergey Solovev
Cast: Tatyana Drubich, Yaroslav Boyko, Oleg Yankovskiy

Tatyana Drubich

In terms of the sheer number of cinematic adaptations, Anna Karenina ranks close behind Shakespeare’s Othello: by my count, it has twenty four screen incarnations, a vast majority of them produced in the US and UK, dating from 1910 to Sergei Solov’ev’s most recent venture, a television mini-series fused into full-length feature. This history, together with the fact that the version reviewed here is the English-language one intended for worldwide distribution, makes it impossible to map the film in easy terms of fidelity and tradition. As Christian Metz asserted as early as 1977, evaluating an adaptation against a literary “original” is a meaningless exercise devoted to clashing phantasms in the reader’s or viewer’s imaginations; Robert Stam, more recently, demonstrates that it obscures the rich dialogic set of relations between the literary and film medium (Metz 12; Stam 55)....

Reviewed by Anindita Banerjee © 2009 in KinoKultura

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