Monday, 24 May 2010

Soviet "Godfather of Star Wars"

One of the movers and shakers of the sci-fi genre, Soviet filmmaker Pavel Klushantsev is often referred to as the “Godfather of Star Wars”.
The director of the 1958 film “Road to the Stars” and 1962’s “Planet of Storms” prompted Stanley Kubrick to shoot “2001: Space Odyssey”, which subsequently inspired Georges Lucas to create his famous fantasy space opera.
Lucas believed the secret to film is that it is an illusion – a flight of fancy.
As a special-effects pioneer, Klushantsev had the talent of turning illusions into powerful works of cinematic art, cutting through time and space with unparalleled creativity, authenticity and style.
Klushantsev created a number of breakthrough special effects – according to film buffs, around 300 techniques – and shooting methods, including the so-called “fluorescent shooting” which enabled him to film objects “hanging in the air” in a film studio, by using special paint and light, creating an optical illusion of virtual realities of outer space. ...

Road to the Stars, (1958)

Directed by : Pavel KLUSHANTSEV
Writing credits : Boris LYAPUNOV, Vasili SOLOVYEV
Cast Grigori SOLOVYOV
Cinematography : Mikhail GALPER
Companies : Lennauchfilm

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