Friday, 20 August 2010

Alexander Proshkin: Trio - Трио (2003)

Director: Alexander Proshkin
Screenplay: Aleksandr Mindadze
Camera: Sergei Astakhov
Composer: Vladimir Martynov
Cast: Andrei Panin, Mikhail Porochenkov, Mariia Zvonareva

Director Aleksandr Proshkin's reputation rests on his television mini-series dealing with great figures (biopics) in Russian culture and science (Mikhailo Lomonosov, 1985; Nikolai Vavilov, 1991) and films that examine pivotal moments in Russian history―the execution of Beriia, bringing to a close the Stalinist era in The Cold Summer of 1953 (1987) and most recently his screen adaptation of Aleksandr Pushkin's famous account of Pugachev's revolt in the 18th century against Catherine the Great (The Captain's Daughter, 1999). In his latest film, Trio, which is set in contemporary Russia, Proshkin takes on a more restrained exploration of intricate human relations.

Reviewed by Vladimir Strukov©2004:

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