Tuesday, 10 August 2010

First Russian 3D film to be promoted on government funding

Nearly half of the funding for The Dark World, the first 3D Russian film, will come from the government budget, Central Partnership CEO Ruben Dishdishyan said on Friday.
Central Partnership, Russia's largest film distributor, has received funding for seven films from the State Cinema Development Fund as Russia continues to pipe money into its film industry.
"The budget for the film is about $6 million," Dishdishyan said. "The promotion will cost about $3 million, the government share of this amount will be 30-40%."
However, not the entire film will be in 3D - only 20 minutes out of 100 have been converted from traditional 2D, Dishdishyan said.
The conversion has cost Central Partnership four million rubles ($132,000) - a measly amount for Hollywood perhaps, but a substantial one for Russia's inchoate 3D enterprise.
Converting the entire film into 3D would be too costly and too long in the bargain, Dishdishyan said.
Central Partnership Creative Director Sergei Bondaryov said the company "understands the skepticism of the audience and will warn them."
"We are going to have surveys after the shows and ask the audience what their impression of the partial 3D has been," he went on.
The Dark World, a story about a group of teenagers who awake evil powers in northern Russia, will hit the big screen on October 10.

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