Monday, 16 August 2010

"Inadequate people" in new Russian films

The Russian film festival “A Window on Europe”, bearing in mind its motto “Forecast for Tomorrow”, has reached the conclusion that time has come for “Inadequate People”. The film with this title was awarded nearly all the festival’s prizes in Vyborg near St. Petersburg on the 15th of August.
“Inadequate people”, a romantic comedy by the film director Roman Karimov, was awarded the Grand-Prix, a diploma of the Guild of Film Critics for the best debut and a special prize for the best actors’ couple. The film shared, probably, the most valuable prize – the audience’s sympathies with another film. It means a very convincing victory. Apart from other things, the success of the film demonstrates the significant tendency of ousting depressing plots and turning to life-assertive motifs, unconstrained humour and natural intonations in Russian films of the latest years.
A 30-year-old man, living through the middle age crisis, arrives in Moscow and finds the job of a translator at the editorial board of a glossy magazine. His girlfriend met a tragic death, so to resume his mental balance, he even visits a psychologist. But he will be saved not by the specialist but by a charming schoolgirl who takes lessons of English from him. She is also living through a crisis, the crisis of growing up.
This is the plot of the film “Inadequate people” by Roman Karimov.
The film director says that his main character makes a fresh start in a new city, meets new people and even a new love without realizing it at first. The two young people grow closer and closer to each other and finally decide they want to be together. It is a very simple film, - Roman Karimov says and adds that his plan was to make a film with a small budget and with a happy end, that is an enjoyable film. He wrote the script himself. ...

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Seen it recently.
Wonderful movie!