Thursday, 16 September 2010

Victor Pelevin adaptation Generation P pushed back to October 2010

The release of Generation P (Поколение П), a film adaptation of the third work by contemporary Russian novelist Victor Pelevin published in 1999, has been pushed back to October 2010. Directed by Victor Ginzburg, Generation P will star such well-known actors as Mikhail Efremov, Renata Litvinova and Vladimir Menshov.
The film is expected to focus on disoriented young people living in post-Soviet Russia of the 1990s known collectively as “Generation Pepsi”:
Babylen Tatarsky, the main protagonist, is a poet, a recent university graduate with a degree in literature looking to get started on a creative career path. Finding himself in the middle of post-Soviet political and social turmoil, Babylen joins the ranks as an advertising copywriter and attempts to find his life’s true calling.
Touching on the themes of consumerism, recreational drug use, and New Age topics such as Mesopotamian mythology, this project sounds very promising and somewhat reminiscent of the post-modern French satire on the advertising business 99 Francs (2007)

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Hello. are there englisch subs available from this movie?