Saturday, 30 October 2010

Aleksandr Kaidanovsky: The Wife Of The Kerosene Man - Жена керосинщика (1988)

Director: Aleksandr Kaidanovsky
Script: Alexander Kaidanovsky
Operator: Alexei Rodionov
Composer: Alexander Goldstein
Artists: Victor Zenkov, Theodore Tezhik
Country: USSR
Year: 1988
Premiere: September 1989

Cast: Vytautas Paukste, Aleksandr Baluev, Anna Myasoyedova

Awards : Grand prix du film fantastique au Festival d'Avoriaz, 1990

Plot: A doctor is framed by his own brother, who wants his wife, and was sent to gaol for allowing one of his patients to die. Now the doctor is out of prison he ekes out a living by selling kerosene door to door, whilst his brother holds a high position in local government.

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