Thursday, 7 October 2010

Tarkovsky, Mihalkov, and Sokurov, headliners at the Russian Film Festival in Bucharest

The first edition of the Russian Film Festival will take place in Bucharest, between October 22 and 28, showcasing some of the best known creations of Russian cinema.
Highlights of the festival are Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker , Aleksandr Sokurov’s Days of Eclipse, Leonid Gaidai’s Diamond Hand and Russian film royalty Nikita Mikhalkov’s At Home among Strangers. Russian cartoon nostalgics will be pleasantly surprised to rediscover the mischievous wolf’s attempt at escaping the ever-elusive hare in Nu pogodi cartoons (translated as Just You Wait! In English), as part of the set of the Festival’s Russian cartoons section.
The festival will take place at Cinema Eforie and Cinema Studio, in Bucharest. What’s more, between October 21 and 28, Union cinema will host a cartoon exhibit signed by pioneering Russian director Sergei Eisenstein.
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Keep up the good work. Love it when you don't limit yourself to reviews, but give some Russian film news too...