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Top 20 Russian Movies - khanbaliq's Selection

khanbaliq wrote, and choose following films:

The cinema of Russia began in the Russian Empire, widely developed under the Soviet and in the years following the fall of the Soviet system, the Russian film industry would remain internationally recognized. In the 21st century, Russian cinema has become popular internationally with hits such as House of Fools, Night Watch, and the exceptionally popular Brother.

Cinema Of Russia

20. Office Romance (comedy) - Eldar Ryazanov
19. Assa (crime) - Sergei Solovyov
18. Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears (drama) - Vladimir Menshov
17. The End Of St. Petersburg (drama) - Vsevolod Pudovkin
16. Prisoner Of The Mountains (war) - Sergei Bodrov
15. An Unfinished Piece For A Player Piano (drama) - Nikita Mikhalkov
14. October: Ten Days That Shook The World (historical) - Sergei Eisenstein
13. Ballad Of A Soldier (war) - Grigori Chukhrai
12. White Sun Of The Desert (adventure) - Vladimir Motyl
11. Dersu Uzala (drama) - Akira Kurosawa
10. War And Peace (epic) - Sergei Bondarchuk
09. Tale Of Tales (avant garde) - Yuriy Norshteyn
08. Stalker (science fiction) - Andrei Tarkovsky
07. Come And See (war) - Elem Klimov
06. The Cranes Are Flying (drama) - Mikhail Kalatozov
05. Solaris (science fiction) - Andrei Tarkovsky
04. Alexander Nevsky (historical) - Sergei Eisenstein
03. Man With A Movie Camera (avant garde) - Dziga Vertov
02. Andrei Rublev (historical) - Andrei Tarkovsky
01. The Battleship Potemkin (historical) - Sergei Eisenstein

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