Saturday, 22 January 2011

Golden Eagles for 2010 awarded

Alexei Popogrebsky’s movie “How I Spent This Summer” has won the Golden Eagle award for motion pictures and TV series as the best Russian feature film of 2010.

The famous Italian actress Claudia Cardinale, starring in such films as “Eight and a Half”, “Cartouche”, “The Pink Panther” and many others, and also a guest of honour at the Golden Eagle ceremony has been awarded a special prize for her contribution to world cinema.

Alexei Uchitel’s film The Edge has won the biggest number of awards in the best actor, the best actress, and the best director categories. The movie is about the need to overcome hatred and enmity in the post-war year of 1945. Russia submitted the picture for the Oscar award, and the movie was, besides, nominated for the Golden Globe.

But the main prize has nonetheless gone to Alexei Popogrebsky’s “How I Spent This Summer”, which was earlier spoken highly of at the Berlin film festival. The plot of the movie builds on a clash of interests of a seasoned weather forecaster Sergei and a lad in his late teens, Pavel, who came from a city to a polar meteorological station as a tourist. Here’s more from Alexei Popogrebsky.

The conflict of generations and outlooks that arises, Alexei Popogrebsky says, is manifested in just about everything, - in man’s treatment of nature, and in the stand on everyday work. The elder character knows all about hard work, but has no idea about a PC. Meanwhile the younger one has brought along his up-to-date equipment and should do nothing but read measurements.

Pavel is the first to learn about the death of Sergei’s family. But when he finally breaks the horrible news to Sergei, the latter almost kills him. The situation does not get settled until it comes to the point of boiling. In the end, both men defy the decision made to mothball the station.

The Golden Eagle award also went to the cameraman of the movie “How I Spent This Summer” Pavel Kostomarov.

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