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Pavel Lungin: Tycoon - Олигарх (2002)

France and Russia, CDP, Arte France Cinema, France 2 Cinema, Gimages Films, Network Movie, ZDF, Arte, Magnat, Kominter, STW co-production, 2002, 128 min. Color.
Director: Pavel Lungine.
Script: Yuli Dubov and Aleksandr Borodianskii.
Cinematography: Oleg Dobronavov and Aleksei Fiodorov.
Music: Leonid Desiatnikov.
With Vladimir Mashkov.
Nominated for best screenplay in the 16th Annual Nika Awards
Starring Vladimir Mashkov, Aleksandr Baluev.

Russia in 90ties of the past century was politically and socially instable with windfall money and criminal shoot-outs. The power and business can live in peace just till the moment, when appear officials at the same time trying to seem patriots and to turn the money flow pro domo sua. One of such “hawks” – is Koretskiy (Aleander Baluyev). He starts the “crusade” against the authoritative business owner of the independent TV channel “Infocar”, Platon Makovskiy (Vladimir Mashkov). Firstly Mashkov is given a possibility “to share”, but after his attempts to step in politics – he is blown up. The investigation held by the too much honest and zealous officer Shmatko (Andrey Krasko) clear, that Platon Makovskiy is alive…
The scandal Pavel Lungin`s film was rumoured long before its première. The picture cinematized the book “Big Share” written by Yuliy Durov. Many are of the opinion, that the real prototype of the Makovskiy is the disgraced businessman Boris Berezovskiy, cause Juliy Durov very long was his “right hand”. But Makovskiy is more likely to be the summarized portrait of the authoritative businessman from 90ties. Koretskiy brilliantly played by Baluyev is the exact copy of the certain security officers, that overfilled the chain of command then. “The Oligarch” is brave and dynamic film precisely showing the realities of that time. ...

Pavel Lungin: The Age of Dinosaurs in Russia at the end of

The film is directed by Pavel Lungin "Oligarch" firmly linked in the public mind with the figure of Boris Berezovsky. Here partly to blame for the book "Big ration", which became the basis of the script, but even more - engaged by television, try to use the premiere for resuscitating the legend of the generous oligarchs, the stronghold of freedom and democracy in Russia. In fact, social Detective Lungina - the first successful attempt to see the era and her puppeteers look aloof and independent, no chanting and revelations. In this sense, the new picture - continuation of the previous "national" bands Lungina "Wedding". It dealt with the new life of real mining town of Limes, which continues despite any calamities. Now, the action shifted to where the game is for high stakes and large amounts of capital at stake. The oligarch, the movie - piper-piper, manipulate society and the country, playing with authority in the deadly game where the stakes - the fate of the country and the people. And the fife-TV in vain tried so hard, trying to show the film for its trump card - in fact it is their verdict. The sooner we free ourselves from the political illusions, . the sooner we pass from eternal fight to peace and freedom. - Do you think the book Yuli Dubov "Big ration" sufficiently reliable document? - Oaks is one of the directors of LogoVAZ, . was close to Berezovsky, . understandable, . his book inspires confidence,
. But it ended in the auto trade, but we introduced a line with the channel and much else that brings this story with the fate of Gusinsky and other Russian oligarchs. So Plato - collective image. Direct narrative seemed to me boring and the script does not work, until we come up with a policeman rate - double the investigation, which allowed to do flashbacks - diversion in the past, it immediately brought the movie plot and topography. - Television announced the film, parallel mounting expressions hero and similar rants Berezovsky. It seemed that comes a new "Story of a Real Man" with the ideals of freedom fighter: he kept going back through all the hurdles in its Russia to restore order. The film knocked these forecasts. - I do not know why it was Berezovsky so deeply penetrated into the mythology of the Russian soul, but he has already found a place somewhere between the devil and sexual giant. Black, bright-eyed, to the women's keen on ... So anyway now tied to the this figure. Although this is ridiculous - why do a feature film about Berezovsky? He is sitting in London, wildly misses, take your camera and shoot a documentary film, although expose, though slavoslovte. Feature Film at the other is mixed - it can not be pure biography. But try to see the tragedy of our intellectuals - it seemed to me urgent. It's not about the bandits, not about the subjects in red jackets, and on the intellectuals, scientists, professors, wit, slightly dissidents. What happened to them? How is it that - one killed, the other from the balcony fell, and the third was a traitor. And how to change assessment of society, its internal laws. That's what wanted to talk. - In the film, it looks like a menacing meat grinder, where the time inevitably draws heroes. Age as a kind of King Midas turned upside down: all the gold turns to shit. But then this is an indictment of our time. - All the harder, and this, of course, not a sentence. We still exists the consciousness that can be clearly seen in the films "Brother" and "Brat-2": they actually fabulous, folklore. And among these eternal folk formulas is this: rich - poor, poor - good. I wanted to destroy this relationship: you can be poor and poor, can be rich - and like a man. Therefore, the main character has somewhat elevated. - He romanticized it, but not more than Cowperwood in Dreiser. Ready to shoot, you met with Berezovsky? - Twice. He looked at me appreciatively, apparently, trying to figure out whether I am fit for the role of the new Nevzorov, thought, weighed, fed, but the money for the film did not give. - Here, many alert: sing oligarch! But your hero on the positive hero is clearly not up: he and the player comes to the same contract murders. Cynical manipulation of public consciousness through its channel. He puppeteer. - Puppeteer. That is what we wanted to show a scene where he "makes the country the President". - In applying the same teleanonsov hero promises: "I'm going back to Russia!" - Like Lenin before landing at the Finland Station. I watched a movie and thought: well, come back, but are we supposed to wait for what? New political adventures? Assassinations? What good will it? - Tycoon - centaur, he is half of the flesh, half of the titanium. By the end of the film haunted hero loses the last crumbs of human. He is now a wolf. But he was forced to this! In Russia it is now time selfless admiration for power, while the responsibility for what happened to the country, is as much on the oligarchs, much to the Kremlin. Among them were short periods of love and had long, protracted war. - The result was as if a snapshot accomplished era. But where it goes? The film is not a positive hero, except for an investigator from the province - "Ural nugget, which affect the event is not in the state. - It is just very important - this is a new type of human. This is a free man. Let these dinosaurs up there - the state and the oligarchs - are fighting, but he can just spit on all this dirt and leave. And to live independently of the powerful. - But it is on film, kicked out of the prosecutor's office "- kicked him, but he was not afraid and do not despair. He has no fear of eternal Russian Akaki Akakievich the boss. And I think this figure is encouraging. People need to understand: no need to wait for something from the top, you just have to live like people. Getting rid of a feeling of humiliation and lamentation for the past, from the expectation of a miracle. You're healthy, you have a head and hands - do matter, and life twist. I can see how the country is growing small and medium business, how to fill shelves, as people began to travel more ... - But the country does not rise to the travel, it must be something to make. It's a big country, it can not live under the laws of the Third World. - I do still think: a great country. But she had no idea. Our ideas are terribly demagogic. In America, more and more clearly: the concept of life as fun - from work, from his family, good children and good house, a glass of whiskey on the rocks. But, we always lived in the sense that the need to suffer, to overcome, to fight for everything and everything. We still hypocritically criticize money - in this case to him terribly committed. Even, a new cliche expression, . I constantly hear it on TV: good luck to you! We have that, . hunters, . mushroomers, . Players, . Pirates? Why must we live in expectation of success? We have not yet been formulated: what 150 million people live? So many of the roof gone from love to the dollar, . and this is just typical of Third World,
. - We have assumed that America has gone astray on the dollar. - America has not gone astray on the dollar. It is crazy on the idea of living well. Including on a diet, on the morning run and breaks in a meditation on clean air and healthy lifestyles. They say: we will not suffer like we have all the cars with automatic transmission. In America, many refuse to cash a career for the sake of a quiet life at home with children on nature. But reigns in the abstract love of the dollar, without a clear understanding - what he needed, why and where we live. - From the episodes depicting the movement Platon Makovsky to wealth, it is clear that this clever financial player, the smooth operator who makes money out of thin air. But in the mass consciousness of all easier: stolen! Your hero - stolen? - I think there. People paid dearly for his wealth - some of their own destiny, someone lives. They combine, worked on the brink of law and lawlessness. Were the oligarchs, who grew up from the ground like boulders - oil, gas ... And there were combinatorial minds - as the same Berezovsky. All the time something come up, calculate. And the trees grow with gold coins, as in the Land of Fools. - The working title of the movie - "Citizen M. Are you sure you want to remove the new "Citizen Kane" - I wanted but could not, of course. Too much time was needed scenario to explain the viewer technology exotic Russian business. A time for deeper psychological ... No, psychopathological analysis - not enough. - You are very attentive to the national nature of each of the characters - it seems important to you? - Since the Soviet Union as a multi-ethnic country - but you're just a magician, if made from Vladimir Mashkov Jew. To do this, so he had to dry up? - I told him: you must be a disembodied spirit. I wanted to make "black Mozart". To this man was talented, but not furtively. While the thief, of course, also. He wanted everything at once. To be loved women, friends, money. He knows how to forget, bestride, not to dwell on his troubles. Vladimir Mashkov all played, I think, well, he risked, went on his own image - and I thank him. Besides this, he brought with him a splendid Georgian actor Levan Uchaneyshvili, who once played in a Parajanov in "Legend of Surami fortress, and now lives and acts in the U.S.. - Curious character in Alexander Balueva: Koretski, a former aristocrat who require always love power - even the king, even communists, even His Excellency the President. Something in these speeches can be heard familiar. - The basis for this dialogue, I found a Eugene Schwartz: there gentleman complains - well, why the Soviets have rejected, . because we all authorities are ready to serve! Such people like to swear in his patriotism: "I have my heart aches for Russia - so I have a right to plunder it!",
. Such a robbery with a tear to me and wanted to show. Thus emerged the image of a gentleman-Communist who feels good with all the authorities. For the money fights worth fighting two ideas about Russia. The eternal debate: Russia - like everyone else? Either this is a special country? And it is not dangerous for her freedom? And do not corrupt democracy a special Russian spirit? Or it could be in line with other countries that are developing dynamically and in the West and the East. This dispute is still going, but if I had the answer seemed obvious: let freedom - and the country will go in a civilized manner, it is now, not hide, one wonders. I do not know, we are moving forward or backward. In the material sense - probably yes. In the spiritual - I do not know. - I must say, the movie did not add optimism. The sense of a closed circle, squirrel cage, the constant return to zero. The era ended and its outcome is unfavorable. - Film and was made possible because I thought: the stage is completed. I'd call it dinozavricheskim. Once the fish reached the shore, where they were badly. And the dinosaurs emerged, they bronetanki, these monsters with teeth and scales, they were fixed on the ground. Ruthlessly trampled trees and devouring each other. Performed their role - and disappeared. And was a different life. The oligarchs in Russia - a dinosaur. - Is it right to compare Russia to the Chicago 30's? - To some extent yes, and both times it was encouraging. Because America is very far advanced from the days when were purchased and the police and court, and mafia clans have their deputies. But they all were based on the family as a unit, and we have a large family was not important than ever. We - friendship. Men's and very cold. - And yet, the film is in Russia vista? - No matter how the fire today, but the liberation of man occurred. We like to look back, which allegedly is performed the golden age of Russia. But perhaps with the kings was not so good if people frantically rushil everything, including churches. And now, perhaps the first time ever, people can live within my mind - can choose to read any books and watch any movies, free travel around the world. The emergence of internally free people - the main achievement of the time, it is here - our perspective. Valery Kichin

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