Friday, 4 March 2011

Boris Barnet: The House on Trubnaya - Дом на Трубной (1928)

The house on the Pipe (1928)

Director: Boris Barnet
Writers: Nikolay Erdman, Anatoli Marienhof,
Stars: Vera Maretskaya, Vladimir Fogel, Yelena Tyapkina

Boris Barnet’s Dom na Trubnoi, Mezhrabpom-Rus (The House on Trubnaya, 1928) is a masterpiece of Soviet silent cinema. It is a delightful comedy of manners that satirises contemporary life in Moscow during the height of the New Economic Policy (NEP, 1921-28). The film celebrates the changing character of Moscow while offering a sharp social commentary on the contradictions of the shifting Soviet state. Blending slapstick with the formalism of the Soviet avant-garde, the film achieves outstanding narrative dynamism and finely observed character portrayals.

This is the story of a city and the trials and tribulations of a young peasant girl, Parasha (Vera Maretskaya), who comes to Moscow with her pet duck in search of her uncle but discovers the injustices of the petite-bourgeoisie before demonstrating her genuine revolutionary spirit and joining the domestic workers union and affirm her proletarian rights.  

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