Saturday, 19 March 2011

From Siberia with love

A film with a somewhat strange title “Siberia Mon Amour” is in the program of the International Festival of Independent Cinematography, which started in Rome on March 18 and will last till March 25. The film is by Vyacheslav Ross, a 44-year old Russian film director.

The film “Siberia Mon Amour” is the winner of the International Festival of Debut Films, which took place in the city of Khanty-Mansiysk, Siberia, in late February. This is not the first victory of Vyacheslav Ross – his first film, “Meat”, has won as many as 27 awards at international festivals.

Vyacheslav writes scripts for his films himself. “Siberia Mon Amour” is a screen version of his short story, which Vyacheslav wrote when he was a student of the Institute of Cinematography in Moscow. Vyacheslav was born in Siberia, and he knows this inclement but beautiful land and the nature of Siberians – reserved in emotions but kind-hearted – very well. Few people know that several small villages in Siberia, for some reason, bear French names. Mon Amour is also the name of a Siberian village, small and abandoned. However, as Vyacheslav Ross says, the film’s title, first of all, refers to the initial meaning of the phrase “mon amour” – “my love”. It is love for the film’s characters – disillusioned but still bearing some light in their souls – that inspired Vyacheslav while he was making this film.

Let Vyacheslav Ross himself speak of his film:

“An old man and his grandson live in the abandoned village of Mon Amour. The boy’s father is missing somewhere, and they are waiting for him to return, not knowing that he has long been dead. The old man passionately believes in God – but he has suffered so much that he doesn’t believe in people. The only person whom he still loves is his grandson, but it is hard for the old misanthrope to express his love to the boy. Once, the boy gets into trouble, and the old man has to go to people for help – though he hates people. Finally, the old man comes to realize that there can be no other way than people helping people. I hope that the film’s ending will inspire hope and faith in the spectators,” Vyacheslav Ross says.

“It is said in one prayer that mercy is always better than justice,” Vyacheslav continues. “For me, it is a key phrase. In today’s cynical world, only love and mercy towards each other can save us. The film’s characters, after all, do find strength to help each other, even risking their lives.”

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Anonymous said...

Siberia mon Amour is a fantastic movie. best russian movie-tradition. A very strong and hard story, often nearly hopeless. Very good camera work, very beautiful. Five stars from me!