Sunday, 20 March 2011

Ivan Pyryev: The Party Card - Партийный билет (1936)

Director:Ivan Pyriev
Actors: Ada Voytsik, Andrei Abrikosov, Igor Maleev, Anatoliy Goryunov, Mariya Yarotskaya

The working time of filming.  The camera is still very young Pyriev

Yasha, who likes Anna, accomodates siberian Pavel Kuganov, which later becomes a class-conscious worker in a factory. Anna refuses Yasha's offer of marriage and he therefore runs off to Siberia. After Pavel is hailed as a hero because he survives a fire accident in factory (which is in fact effect of his sabotage), Anna marries him. Pavel then becomes a reckless communist careerist, but only on surface. In fact, he is a traitor of the country and a spy, and gives Anna's party ID card to anti-communist movement. In spite of that, Anna is expelled from the communist party. Yasha returns from Siberia, only to find her love Anna desperate. They reveal the truth about Pavel (that he is a kulak who killed a kolchoz co-op leader), which means an end for Pavel. ...

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