Thursday, 31 March 2011

Kino launch: Russia occupies the BFI

Yesterday in London, the British Film Institute launched its forthcoming Russian cinema season, which is going under the banner title of 'Kino – Russian Film Pioneers'. Like the big red robot from Star Fleet, it is in three parts, with there being opportunities galore to catch both acknowledged classics and glorious obscurities. Read on for an 'in' (Lenin, Stalin, Yeltsin, Putin...) to the whole shebang.
Russia and cinema go together like love and a carriage (as in clock. A winning gift for any cherished spouse), or a horse and marriage (well, so long as you're name's Caligula). Immense in size, doughty in its cuisine, Russia is a nation which has provided we capitalist pig-dogs in the west with a great many screen pleasures over the years. Could any one of us, after all, ever dream of forgetting about this guy...
However, perhaps mindful that the aforementioned Russian thespians are already drowning in the affection of fans spread throughout these fair isles of Albion, all the way from Belfast to Bognor Regis, the fair-minded film fanatics at the BFI are this year throwing their spotlight upon some of those lesser-known movie-makers to hail from the land of vodka and t.A.T.u. (yes, I'd forgotten they existed till just then too).
Plucky little fellas, in need of our love, like Eisenstein, Vertov and Tarkovsky – although having said that, not one of that named troika are bothering to come over to London at any point during the Kino season to promote their filmic wares. Lazy gits.
As already noted, the BFI Kino season comes in three parts, much like the Indiana Jones series in that regard (you hear me? There are three Indiana Jones movies and three only, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. With the possible exception of Ivan Drago), and these are they...

Kino as mustardo

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