Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Vladimir Menshov: Love and Doves - Любовь и голуби (1984)

Director:Vladimir Menshov
Writer:Vladimir Gurkin
Stars:Aleksandr Mikhajlov, Nina Doroshina, Lyudmila Gurchenko

One of the best-loved comedies of the Soviet era, a screen adaptation of Vladimir Gurkin's play of the same name.

- Top Prize ‘Gold Boat’ for ‘quality characteristic of a distinguished comedy’ at The 1st International Comedy Festival in Torremolinos (Spain) (1990)
- Audience Diploma at Audience Jury of the Udarnik Cinema Theatre (1985)

The worker of the forest management has a wife, three kids and pigeon breeding. He gets an all-expenses-paid trip to the health resort. There he falls in love with elegant single lady. But he recollects himself in time and comes back home to give himself up. His wife could not resist her husbands genuine repentance.

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