Saturday, 9 April 2011

Felix Mironer, Marlene Hutsiev: Spring in Zarechnaya Street - Весна на Заречной улице (1956)

Directed by: Felix Mironer, Marlene Hutsiev
Cast: Nina Ivanov, Nikolay Rybnikov, Vladimir Guljaev, Valentina Pugacheva,

At the end of her teaching training course, a young woman, Tatiana is appointed to teach an adult class composed of workers from a steelworks. She rejects advances made by one of the plant's best foundry workers, Sacha, who is unaccustomed to such a rejection. He drops out of the class. Gradually she settles down in the city, getting to know the factory workers but the fate of Sacha who is in dire need of a new qualification continues to niggle her. With the arrival of spring, it's also exam time. By chance Tatiana meets Sacha. ...

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