Thursday, 14 April 2011

Elem Klimov :Agony. Rasputin (The Life and Death of Rasputin) - Агония (1975 )

Агония (1975)

Director: Klimov Elem
Cast:Aleksej Petrenko,Leonid Bronevoy,Anatolij Romashin,Ivan Ryzhov,Alisa Freyndlih,Mihail Svetin,Yuriy Katin-Yarce

• Special Jury Prize FIPRESCI for off-competition films at the Venice IFF, 1982
• Grand Prize “The Golden Eagle” at the Ruel-Malmeson IFF (France), 1985

Film is about the last days of the most enigmatic figure in Russian history – Grigory Rasputin.
The fall of the Russian Empire. The army loses one battle after another. The ruble is falling before one’s very eyes. But St. Petersburg’s high society does not care about such trifles. The capital is in a fever. Everyone is talking about the mysterious Siberian peasant miracle-worker Rasputin. And no one needs a miracle more than the Imperial Family and the Sovereign of All Rus: the Great, the Little and the White, Nikolai Romanov. ...

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