Friday, 22 April 2011

Konstantin Lopushansky: Visitor to a Museum - Посетитель музея (1989)

Director:Konstantin Lopushansky
Writer:Konstantin Lopushansky
Stars: Viktor Mikhaylov, Vera Mayorova,Vadim Lobanov

Ecological disaster has become reality. This is the last act, and a logical completion of a centuries-long relationship between Man and Nature based on insatiable consumption. The main character is one of the few survivors who have retained their human appearance and ethics … «The Visitor» has come to atone for the guilt of mankind…

«Museum Visitor» is a religious parable-drama about the search for truth and meaning, about sacrifice and fanaticism, the eternal confrontation of good and evil. The director claims that in some of the mass scenes more than a thousand genuine lunatics participated (there were some disguised doctors among them too – «just in case!»). At times, the picture is reminiscent of today’s TV newscasts from the Middle East. What is this – prophecy or providence?


«Silver George», a prize presented by the ecumenical jury at the Moscow International Film Festival

Grand-prix for the director’s work at the International Film Festival of experimental films in Madrid

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