Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Nikita Mikhalkov: Slave of Love - Раба любви (1975)

Director:Nikita Mikhalkov
Writers:Fridrikh Gorenshtein, Andrey Konchalovskiy
Stars:Yelena Solovey, Rodion Nahapetov, Aleksandr Kalyagin

Nikita Mikhalkov examines the plight of the filmmaker operating in an uncertain political climate in his irony-laden seriocomedy Slave of Love. The time is 1918, at the height of the Bolshevik revolution. A small group of filmmakers are hurriedly trying to complete a silent melodrama while the world changes all around them. As production progresses, leading lady Elena Solovei metamorphoses from self-centered movie star to committed revolutionary. Normally described as "Chekhovian," director Mikhalkov borrows a few pages from Pirandello. With Slave of Love he gained his first serious international attention. ...

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