Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sergei Gerasimov: At the Beginning of Glorious Days - В начале славных дней (1980)

Director:Sergei Gerasimov
Writers:Sergei Gerasimov, Yuri Kavtaradze,
Stars: Dmitri Zolotukhin, Tamara Makarova,Natalya Bondarchuk

At the end of the 17th century, without an access to sea, Russia is in a vulnerable position in foreign trade. Peter the Great attempts to conquer the Turkish sea fortress of Azov but realises that could only be done with a modern fleet. To the amazement of Europe, he goes to Holland and works at a dock learning the know-how of shipbuilding…

This is the second of the two films dedicated to Peter the Great, based on the eponymous novel of Alexei Tolstoy. Actor Dmitri Zolotukhin (Peter the Great) was named the most popular actor of 1981 after the poll conductd by Soviet Screen magazine. ...

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