Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Yuli Karasik: The Seagull - Чайка (1971)

Director:Yuli Karasik
Writers: Anton Chekhov (play), Yuli Karasik
Stars: Alla Demidova, Vladimir Chetverikov, Nikolai Plotnikov

'Silver Hugo' for the best screen version of the classic work and skill of acting ensemble at the International Film Festival in Chicago, 1973.

One of the watchwords of nineteenth century literature was the idea of "realism," an attempt to focus on the triumphs and tragedies of unremarkable, rather everyday people. Chekhov was very dedicated to promoting an idea of realism in his theatrical work, and to better serve his plays the Moscow Art Theater under Konstantin Stanislavsky, with whom his work was closely associated, developed a new approach to acting that later became known in the United States as "method acting." Karasik's lavish production of The Seagull features the work of some of the Soviet Union's finest stage actors of the time. Chekhov's study of an actress, Arkadine (Alla Demidova) distressed by a life that seems to offer her few easy answers is presented with great attention to capturing the historical moment that Chekhov was attempting to describe. Her lover, Tregorin (Yuri Yakovlev), a pompous yet nevertheless successful writer, feeds her insecurities while toying with the emotions or a young woman smitten with him-or at least with his reputation. ...

You can watch this film, with English subtitles, here.

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