Saturday, 14 May 2011

Grigori Chukhrai: The Clear Sky - Чистое небо (1961)

Directed by Grigori Chukhrai. 
Starring Nina Drobysheva, Yevgeni Urbansky, Natalya Kuzmina.

Grigory Chukhrai directs this dramatic story of love, trust, and courage starring Yevgeny Urbansky. Test pilot Alexei Astakhov was taken prisoner during WWII. Upon his return home, the hero of the Soviet Union was expelled from the Communist Party, fired from his job, and deprived of all decorations. For years he has been unable to go back to the work he loves. Gradually, Astakhov loses faith in himself and begins to drink. But the love of his wife saves him and inspires him with hope for justice.

This 1961 film takes on Stalin with its blend of politics and romantic drama. After being a war prisoner in World War II, a Soviet pilot doesn't get a soldier's welcome when he returns to his native land. Instead, everyone turns their backs on the would-be hero, and he turns to alcohol. His only solace lies in the love of his wife, as she challenges him to right the wrongs done to him. ...

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