Thursday, 16 June 2011

Boris Ivanov, Alexander Stolper: Wait for me - Жди меня (1943)

Directors: Boris Ivanov, Aleksandr Stolper
Writers: Konstantin Simonov (poem), Konstantin Simonov (screenplay)
Stars: Boris Blinov, Valentina Serova, Lev Sverdlin

Three faithful friends promise before they leave for the front that they will meet after the war. The plane flown by Yermolov and Panov is shot down by the Nazis. Only Yermolov survives reaching a partisan division. Vainshtein is sent to partisans to interview the commander – and he recognizes his friend. Yermolov asks to take a note to his wife, but soon after he dies. Liza does not want to believe in death of her beloved and continues to wait for him to keep his promise and return after the war.

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