Saturday, 18 June 2011

Dreaming of space - Paper Soldier

What exists on paper does not always have proper value in reality. Paper Soldier, a drama exploring one of the most exciting moments in Soviet history – the first human space flight - will be screened at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

­The film is expected to attract a festival audience of up to 100,000.

In Paper Soldier, space serves as a pretext to a focus on the dreams, fears and hopes of people living in the Soviet Union in early 1960s.

The main character of the film is not the legendary Yury Gagarin, but a medical officer who prepares the Soviet cosmonauts for their first-ever historic space mission.

In Aleksey German’s drama, a mission as significant as the launch of the first man into space brings pain and sorrow to a number of “ordinary people” – women who lose their husbands, family members who lose their loved ones.

The director was quoted as saying that he wanted to make a film about high expectations and human pain.

Judging by the feedback in Russia and overseas, it looks like film lovers from around the world did not find it difficult to relate to the pain the Russian director is talking about.


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