Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Venyamin Dorman:The Secret Agent's Blunder - Ошибка резидента (1968)

Director: Venyamin Dorman
Writers: Oleg Shmelyov (book), Oleg Shmelyov (screenplay)
Stars: Georgi Zhzhyonov, Mikhail Nozhkin, Oleg Zhakov

The first part of the cult saga about Soviet intelligence agents: "The Secret Agent's Blunder" (1968), "The Secret Agent's Destiny" (1970), "The Secret Agent's Return" (1982), "The End of Operation 'Secret Agent'" (1986).

The KGB's Foreign Intelligence Service receives the information that a secret agent of a foreign intelligence center, the son of a White émigré, Count Tulyev, has been planted in the country...

This first film, as the rest of the series, enjoyed great popularity thanks to the charisma of a wonderful actor, Georgy Zhzhyonov, who gave a brilliant characterization of the secret agent.(1969 box-office leader -- 35.4 million viewers).

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