Sunday, 5 June 2011

Yakov Protazanov, Alexandre Volkoff: Father Sergius Отец Сергий (1917)

Directors:Yakov Protazanov, Alexandre Volkoff
Writers:Leo Tolstoy (novel), Alexandre Volkoff
Stars:Ivan Mozzhukhin, Olga Kondorova, V. Dzheneyeva

The life story of a young successful army officer, prince Kasatsky, who unknowingly falls in love with the mistress of the Czar. When he eventually finds out the truth about his soon-to-be-married wife (she wants to marry him to stop the rumors about her affair with the Czar), he is so shocked that he retreats to a monastery to become a monk (and after years Father Sergei). Later he battles with the temptations of sexual lust and the dreams of how things could have been.

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