Monday, 18 July 2011

Alexander Proshkin: Lomonosov - Михайло Ломоносов (1986)

Director:Aleksandr Proshkin
Writer:Oleg Osetinsky
Stars: Viktor Stepanov, Nikolai Boyarsky, Andrei Davydov

The film tells about the great Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov (1711-1765), one of the most prominent scientists of the the world ever. Lomonosov managed to anticipate the key trends of the science development for about 100 and more years in advance. He was first to formulate the kinematic theory of heat and to overthrow the idea of a separate heat-carrying substance (put forward by Boyle). According to Lomonosov's theory, heat is generated by the rotary movement of round corpuscles (molecules). He is considered the founder of physical chemistry. He was among those who framed the law of conservation of energy. In astronomy, he discovered the atmosphere on Venus. He greatly contributed to the development of optomechanics, instrument engineering, electrical theory, meteorology, geology, mining engineering, metallurgy and geography. He was an outstanding glass engineer. Lomonosov was not only a scientist but a great scholar, as well, he reformed the Russian poetry and historian. Finally, he was a prominent artist (glass and mosaic art) and a poet. Lomonosov is the founder of Moscow University (1755).
By his versatality of his interests and achievements Lomonosov ranks among the most versatile geniuses of human history.
Amazingly, Lomonosov came from the Russian Far North (from Russian old believers - Pomors) and was a man of common people, who were barred from education at his time. But he walked to Moscow and entered a scholarship academy, pretending to be a priest's son. Then he, found a great talent, was sent to study in a German university.

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