Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Gleb Panfilov:May I Have The Floor, Please -Прошу слова (1975)

Director:Gleb Panfilov
Writer:Gleb Panfilov
Stars:Inna Churikova, Nikolai Gubenko Ekaterina Volkova

1976 International Film Festival in Barcelona ( Diploma for Best colour — Alexander Antipenko)
1976 International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary (Special Jubilee prize of the festival – Gleb Panfilov)

A story of a woman who was promoted from an ordinary worker to the mayor of a small town. When she assumes her new position, previously occupied by a man, Elizaveta Uvarova suppresses her female instincts without a second thought, and sacrifices her personal life for the sake of society. Goal-driven and self-confident, Elizaveta is determined to improve the lives of those around her. Despite her contrition and noble intentions, fate punishes her in the cruelest manner – it takes Elizaveta’s son away. However, the paradox of Elizaveta’s nature is such that even this great tragedy does not destroy her spirit and her desire to improve the society. ...

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