Sunday, 31 July 2011

Samvel Gasparov: The Sixth - Шестой(1981)

Director: Samvel Gasparov
Writer: Ramiz Fataliyev
Stars: Sergey Nikonenko, Mikhail Kozakov,Vladimir Grammatikov

The Civil War in Russia has just finished. The sixth chief of militia came to a small town in the south. Five Glodovs predecessors had been killed by a gang of elusive Vakhromeyev. Now Glodov and his crew are going to have a mortal combat with the smart gangster. IMDB

The Sixth
is a parable about lawlessness and bureaucracy in the aftermath of the Great October Revolution. The film could be categorized as a "Western" type of movie, with a lawman hero who faces up to corruption against the odds, although no one around has any faith in his abilities.It is set in 1923 and the Russian Civil War has come to an end, although the situation is still dangerous in some regions. An elusive band of White guards is hiding in the mountains, raiding Soviet institutions and making short work of the representatives of local government. Five chiefs have already been killed by the "whites" and the intimidated townsfolk believe the sixth one is also doomed. ...

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