Sunday, 3 July 2011

Vladimir Mashkov: Daddy - Папа (2004)

Director:Vladimir Mashkov
Writers: Aleksandr Galich (novel), Vladimir Mashkov
Stars: Vladimir Mashkov, Egor Beroev, Andrei Rozendent

“Daddy” Is My Debt to My Parents.”

Welcome: Vladimir, why did you make a decision to film “Daddy”? Why didn’t you give your preference to any action movie like “Night Patrol”?

Answer: As is known the film “Daddy” is based on the play “Matrosskaya Tishina” written by Alexandr Galich in 1946. However, the play was forbidden and remained out of law for about 30 years. Later the play was given to Oleg Efremov to be staged. But Oleg Efremov decided to give it to Oleg Tabakov. The latter staged the play and Evgheny Leonov, now the deceased, played the role of Abram Schwartz. But in the end the performance was not allowed to be released. A lot of years had passed before the ban on the play was removed. After my unsuccessful studies at Novosibirsk Theatrical Institute I was lucky enough to meet Oleg Tabakov. I must confess that it was difficult enough to cope with me at that period of time: my attitude to studies was rather cool. I think that Oleg Tabakov gave me a chance to play the role of Abram Schwartz for educational purposes. His decision impressed me a lot and I began to rehearse with great enthusiasm. But with every rehearsal I was beginning to realize that I would not be able to play that role. I was only 24 years old then. Some time passed, I became a father myself, and the role of Abram Schwartz became clearer to me. I started playing the role not only on stage, but also in real life. In general I performed this role over 400 times in different countries of the world: in Japan, Germany, France… I believe that a lot was written and said about maternal love. Unfortunately paternal love has not yet been praised enough. And then I realized that I had to make the movie “Daddy”. By the way it was Serghei Glinka, my friend from Chisinau, who convinced me of that. That became a dream of my entire life. At the same time I realized that a lot of money as well as long years needed to make my dream come true.

How many years did it take to film “Daddy”? Who became the producer of the movie?

I would like to emphasize that I was ready to wait for financial assistance as much as needed. But as a result money came unexpectedly from ordinary people such as miners and metallurgists of Kuzbass whose hearts were touched by this sad story. They gave money on a gratis basis. But I hope that we will get our money’s worth.

In Chisinau, for instance, the première of the movie was sold out. Why do you think that “Daddy” is not capable of getting enough takings?

Nowadays most of the elderly have stopped going to the movies because of the lack of funds. The young who have grown up on American erotic and action films mostly go to the cinema. “Daddy” is a psychological movie, difficult to understand, it has to be seen with your heart open. I believe that cinema is one of the most important arts and it has to educate. Every parent should advise their children to see this movie.

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