Sunday, 28 August 2011

Evgeniy Bedarev: The New Year Calling Plan -Тариф Новогодний (2008)

Director: Evgeniy Bedarev
Writers: Yelena Laskareva, Anastasia Volkova
Stars: Valeriya Lanskaya, Maksim Matveev,Svetlana Sukhanova

Performing the traditional New Year`s call on the unknown phone number Andrey didn`t even suspected, that just after his return to Moscow, he had bought a magic starting packet of cellular communications operator. Getting through to the deserted in New Year`s eve Alyona, Andrey almost falls in love with her, but there exists a temporal problem. Alyona is celebrating coming 2008 year and Andrey is going to meet 2009.

Trying “to set a contact” with Alyona`s «future variant» he comes to know the terrible truth about the events, that appened in the end of 2008. Now the main goal of Andrey and all his friends – to prevent the awful tragedy and to turn into reality the meeting of Alyona and Andrey. ...

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