Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Yuri Kara: Tomorrow Was the War - Завтра была война (1987)

Director: Yuri Kara
Writers: Boris Vasilyev (novel), Boris Vasilyev (screenplay)
Stars: Sergey Nikonenko, Nina Ruslanova,Yuliya Tarkhova

Based upon the title story by the classic of the national literature Boris Vasilyev (The Dawns Here Are Quiet Officers) this film recreates with an amazing authenticity the atmosphere of the 1930s-1940s Soviet Union which stirs at once the feelings of admiration and horror and thus mesmerizes and enticesThe year is 1940. A small provincial town. A 9-year schoolgirl Vika Lyuberetskaya recites poems by the banned poet Sergey Yesenin. Soon her father is arrested as an enemy of the people. The girl gets hunted at school after that and she commits suicide. And tomorrow the war starts and almost all of yesterdays schoolchildren are to die in its fire Somebody was burned in a tank somebody was hanged for participation in resistance somebody became an ace pilot. It is a great movie see it if you have an opportunity. ...

Awards 2

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