Thursday, 3 November 2011

Films from and about Russia

London is next in turn after New York in conducting the Russian film week. As you know, the 11th Week of Russian Films will be over on November 3rd in New York, which is the largest city in the US, and immediately after, on November 4th, the 5th Festival of Russian Films will open in London. Russian film makers brought no blockbusters to New York and they will not be shown in London either. The overwhelming majority of the Russian films tell us about the Russian people of today. Among the title films, that is, films that opened the shows in New York, was the drama “Siberia Mon Amour” by director Vyacheslav Ross. By the way, the company of Luc Besson supervises the release of this film around the world. This film is about the life of an old man and a child in a deserted village in Siberia. Vyacheslav Ross says: "Our film is not based on real events. And still, all characters are real." At the opening ceremony in London the film goers will see a screen version of the cult novel “Generation P”, written by the cult writer Viktor Pelevin. Its director is Viktor Ginzburg, who has made an attempt to go deep into the modern Russian history, while the British audience will have an opportunity to learn more about it. "It is actually a trip in time, space and ideas. I liked the structure very much. Of course, it is an experiment but it seems to me that modern film goers are ready for such experiments." Film director Alexander Zeldovich will present his film “The Target”, a semi-fantasy movie, where he speaks about freedom and about modern times, focusing on the search for eternal youth. "Freedom means decision making and making a choice," the director says. ...

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