Monday, 30 January 2012

Ilya Averbakh: The Monologue - Монолог (1972)

Director: Ilya Averbakh
Writer: Yevgeni Gabrilovich
Stars: Mikhail Gluzsky, Margarita Terekhova, Marina Neyolova

One of the first and few films to address the generation gap in the Soviet Union, Monologue is the story of a prominent scientist, Prof. Sretenski (Gluzsky), who years ago was left with a granddaughter to raise alone by his deeply troubled daughter. Unexpectedly, the prodigal daughter returns one day, a new husband in tow, hoping to become part of her daughter's life once again; for her part, the girl is beginning to experience her own emotional crises. Gluzsky finds just the right emotional pitch for his character, creating a man whose personal life was dominated by routine and order but who begins to feel the need to finally express his own long-hidden emotions. ...

You can watch film here.

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