Friday, 6 January 2012

Kira Muratova: Long Farewells - Долгие проводы (1971)

Director: Kira Muratova
Writer: Natalya Ryazantseva
Stars: Zinaida Sharko, Oleg Vladimirsky, Tatyana Mychko

Yevgenia, no longer a young woman, struggles to make a living while coming to terms with a restless teenage son who would prefer a home with his (idealized) father in Siberia. Film scholar Ian Christie writes, "Muratova's second film, with a script by leading feminist Natalya Ryazantseva, must be counted as one of the major casualties of bureaucratic censorship during the 'era of stagnation'.. The film's almost unbearable tension is explored in a series of fluid, inventive sequences, which bring a visual sophistication - with acting and music to match - quite exceptional in the often-heavy-handed social issues department of Soviet filmmaking. The apartment the mother and son share, with its territorial placing of furniture, the boy's use of a slide projector to create his own fantasy world, and the climactic workers' concert-party - all these show Muratova streets ahead of her male contemporaries." Like Brief Encounters, Long Farewells was banned, but this time the reaction was so strong that Muratova was thrown out of the Filmmakers' Union and forced to seek other work. ...

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