Saturday, 21 January 2012

Vasily Sigarev: Wolfy - Волчок (2009) - trailer

Director: Vasili Sigarev
Writers: Vasili Sigarev (play), Vasili Sigarev (screenplay)
Stars: Andrei Dymshakov, Veronika Lysakova,Polina Pluchek

A directing debut by award-winning playwright Vasilii Sigarev, Wolfy focuses on the traumatic relationship between a mother and her daughter. Early in the film, a seven-year-old girl (Polina Pluchek) breaks a jar of milk over the head of her mother’s violent lover. This episode suggests the tradition of chernukha, recalling the films of the early 1990s, with its presentation of the unrelenting darkness of everyday reality. This scene, however, acquires unexpected lyricism when, alone in the room, the girl plays with the specks of blood in the puddle of milk. The combination of lyricism with the unmitigated harshness of existence is characteristic of the film as a whole. While the film does not focus on contemporary social problems, the disintegration of society is indicated by the mangled language, personal alienation, and the disappearance of family ties. However, even the broken language of its protagonists at times acquires lyrical and incantational qualities. The film’s lyricism is also enhanced by the soothing voiceover of the narrator and the indirect camera shots.

Wolfy begins dramatically with policemen pursuing a pregnant woman across a snow-covered field. She is finally captured, and gives birth to a daughter. Imprisoned for jealousy-induced homicide, the mother meets her daughter seven years later. To the girl, brought up by her grandmother in the bleak outskirts of a provincial town, the mother appears extremely beautiful and alluring, and inspires unconditional love. The girl’s obsessive attachment to her mother is contrasted to the mother’s absolute indifference to her, punctuated by occasional abuse. ...

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