Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Russian film center coming soon to Hollywood

Russia is to acquire its very own film hub in Hollywood. State-backed company Roskino is opening an LA branch to promote Russian movies, seek co-operation with Hollywood and last but not least, welcome Russian filmmakers visiting the US.

The new Russian Film Commission will be based in Beverly Hills.

Besides establishing ties with US distributors and promoting co-productions, the commission will also offer Russian grounds as filming locations, The Chicago Tribune reports.

The commission will host screening programs, discussions, and eventually a Russian Film Week to present the latest and brightest artistic and commercial achievements of Russian cinema.

"Russia is becoming a very strong market, with many global distributors choosing [it] to premiere their movies, and with a Film Commission … in Los Angeles we expect to facilitate further conversations with both independent filmmakers and the studios going forward," The Chicago Tribune quotes Roskino CEO Ekaterina Mtsituridze as saying. ...

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